miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011


The aim of the Reading Finland project, one of the top projects of the education administration, is to improve the reading and writing skills of pupils in both basic and upper secondary education. An effective way of reaching that goal is to update school libraries and to improve collaboration between school libraries and the municipal library. This joint publication by The School Library Association in Finland and The National Board of Education offers the municipalities and schools officially partaking in the project as well as others interested in the matter both a vision for development and practical description and instruction on what a well-functioning school library is like. The leaflet ‘A Good School Library’ draws mainly on the experiences gained by the people of Espoo during the building of model school libraries and the continuing training of teacher-information officer staff. With the aid of the publication ‘A Good School Library’ The Finnish National Board of Education hopes to create better school libraries for Reading Finland.

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